Our current projects

Project ZERO CO2 NOW, Vienna

We are transforming Bernardgasse 1 into a CO2-free green property

Probably the first rental apartment block in the district from the 19th century that will be completely CO2-free. We are creating a green roof for nature, creating space for flower meadows on the roof terraces and greening the façades. For people, we are creating new living space by converting the top floor and converting office space into living space, which will be rented out on a long-term basis. At the same time, the City of Vienna is transforming Bernardgasse into a meeting zone/green street. Together with the City of Vienna and the 7th district, we are now also planning and realising the greening of the immediate surroundings of this property. 

PARK VIEW project, Frankfurt

So far, we have renovated the vacant flats in this house and created new living space in the attic. This very beautiful property is centrally located right next to a park with a moated castle. We green everything if possible. We planted several trees and a colourful flowering hedge. In 2021, the three garage roofs were greened and a flower meadow was planted. In 2022, this was continued with façade greening and the planting of a thousand-flower tree (Euodia, bee tree). For this purpose, areas in the courtyard area were unsealed and concrete was converted into flower beds. The conversion to CO2-free energy supply is planned.

OPPENHEIM project, Frankfurt

We have created additional living space in this house so far and are planting a large flower meadow across the entire front. The conversion to CO2-free energy supply is planned.

Project GARDEN STREET, Frankfurt

In this house, too, we have created additional living space in the attic and converted courtyard areas into flower meadows. The conversion to CO2-free energy supply is planned.